What makes a great programmer?

Being able to build complex machine learning algorithms?

Bewitching websites that can handle millions of users ?

Or the next big open source project ?

That, my friend is for you to decide. We are here to provide the tools and the knowledge to help you in your path.

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Why Automate At YourStory we have a very flexible release schedule aligned with the Agile…
Umar Salim
July 18, 2021
3 min
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March 01, 2021
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Data Science
Knowledge Distillation
Knowledge Distillation Remember the time when we had our teachers to help us out in solving…
February 26, 2021
8 min
Creating a chat solution using Rocket.chat and React - Part 1
Introduction From a long time, chat has always been one of the most important parts of any product…
October 02, 2020
2 min

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